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Monday, April 20, 2009

Soap Opera, General Hospital, Claudia, pregnant, part I

Those who have been watching the soap opera on American television channel 7, are probably aware that Claudia, Sony’s wife is pregnant. To fill the rest of you that have missed what has been going on in this soap opera drama so far; Sony is the head of the mob, Claudia who is now his wife used to be his enemy for she was the daughter of the ex-head of the mob. Jason is the right hand man of Sony’s organization and his role is that of hit man. Rick who is a lawyer of the mob is the brother of Sony but they hate each other.

Before Claudia married Sony, Claudia put a hit on Sony, but by some accident Michael who is Sony’s son from his ex-wife was shot and is now in a comma. Sony has been looking for the one that put the hit on him for his son to be caught in the crossfire. He got word from Rick that Claudia, his wife was involved in the set up, for she hired the hit man. Claudia denies this accusation, and to cover herself manages to get herself pregnant by Sony, so that he would not kill here if he finds out the she was behind the hit on his life that put his son into the comma.

Now Claudia can’t find a way to tell Sony she is pregnant, cause Sony will be suspicious of the timing that Claudia set up the whole pregnancy to cover her guilt behind the shooting. Claudia arranges with her brother to set up Sony to mislead him abut the pregnancy. So now Sony is in the room while Claudia is on the phone talking to her brother on the telephone about having an abortion. Meanwhile, she pretends she does not know that Sony is in the room behind her listening to her conversation, while she pretends to be talking to someone in a clinic about having an abortion.

The drama continues, and will Claudia be able to carry her pregnancy for nine months even though Sony has made it clear to her that he does not want to bring any more children into this world, for it was his fault that Michael his son was shot in the first place. Or will Sony still kill Claudia even though she is pregnant with his child and finds out that Claudia is behind the shooting of his son Michael. Sony is determined to kill whoever it is that put his son into the comma, but will Claudia’s pregnancy be the bullet proof that stops Sony from killing her? Fasten your seat belts as the drama unfolds on General hospital.

Ken Nunoo